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Russell Levin - Erotic Polaroid - 2019

Russell Levin - Erotic Polaroid - 2019

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Erotic Polaroid - 2019

In 2018 I had a client request some more erotic photographs and Polaroids. He received a nice group of photographs, but I still had many others to offer.

I rarely have done images like this in the past, but if Mapplethorpe, Araki, Millea and others did, I said why not as long as the models were comfortable with it...and all were. 

Model's name might be removed for website viewing, but does show on original 

Signed, titled, dated, and noted 1/1 on the back

Overall size with border, 4"x4", image size approx. 3"x3.5"

One of a Kind Polaroid

Excellent condition, might show imperfections that were cause by the film, not me. Some see it as "artsy" and very unique :)