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Gary Waters

Gary Waters, now in his 70's first starting photographing in 1963. After serving our country in Vietnam, he settled down in San Francisco. It was living in San Francisco that he met and was heavily influenced by Imogen Cunningham, Judy Dater, Jack Welpott, and Ansel Adams. 

Upon his move back East he became friends with Irving Penn and also met Richard Avedon along with others. His work is on par with contemporary photographers, such as Newton, Ritts, Sturges, etc. The quality of his printing is as good as it gets. I have seen photographs with this tonal and printing quality at photography shows selling for $500.00+

All the nudes that we have by Waters are of his favorite model, Lily. Over the years Gary has taken over 30,000 images of her. Lily is now a mom, and her modeling days have turned to motherhood.