To make room for some new arrivals, I've marked down many of the photographs & books that have been up on my website for over 6 months!!

Russell Levin Polaroids

See one or more of my Polaroids that you would like to own? Send me an offer and lets try to make a deal that works for both of us.

I know I'm not an Araki, Mapplethorpe, Newton, or Warhol, but unlike those artists whose Polaroids have sold for upwards of $1,000.00 to over $2,500.00, you can still own one of mine for under $ least in 2022!! 

In the Fall of 2018 a collector of my photography asked me if I ever did Polaroids. He went on to say that he enjoys collecting them as they are "One of a Kind" pieces of art.

With a borrowed Polaroid Spectra camera and a few packs of film I started to experiment doing Polaroids. On November 8th, 2018 model Jillian Ann from Los Angeles came to Monterey. I asked her if she had any issues with me using a Polaroid camera. She didn't, and that's how I started making 100's of Polaroids after 50 years of film photography.

In early 2020 I published a limited edition book of my Polaroids (for sale in the "Book & Magazine" section). Around that same time Polaroid discontinued the Spectra film that I was using. For close to a year I stopped making Polaroids, but I missed the "One of a Kind" instant gratification so I bought a new Polaroid and I'm still at.