To make room for some new arrivals, I've marked down many of the photographs & books that have been up on my website for over 6 months!!

Ukraine Brother & Sister Photographers

From Tania, I was born in 1984 in the Russian Federation but grew up in Ukraine, my mother is Ukrainian. I have a Master’s degree in Music Arts (finished Lviv Music Academy, 2006). I was working as a piano teacher for a couple of years until my older brother Andrei Artemyev returned from USA after he lived there 8 years. At that moment he was already a quite successful photographer. He started to teach me photography, I was his assistant for a few months. Soon after I invited my first model (it was November, 2009, Kyiv, Ukraine, model Ludmila). From that time until now photography became the main occupation for me. Today, the process from planning the sessions, models’ and locations, and film developing that I’m doing by myself.