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Barret Douglas - Marianne, Nude Study, 2012

Barret Douglas - Marianne, Nude Study, 2012

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Marianne, Nude Study, 2012

4"x6" Platinum Photograph

Signed, Excellent Condition

Loose photograph. Mounting/matting service available at an additional cost depending on size of mount/mat.  

Barret Douglas (1982 -) is the son of Ryuijie, a well known fine art photographer. Ryuijie exposed Barret to the arts at a young age. Barret would accompany his father while he was photographing landscapes and would occasionally partake. Although he always had an interest in art, he didn’t invest himself in photography until around 2011. At that time Barret started learning about film photography, digital photography, digital editing, and traditional darkroom work. He hopes to utilize the technology of digital photography and editing while still creating traditional prints in a darkroom.