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Russell Levin - Nadia is Not Shy, Monterey, 1996
Russell Levin - Nadia is Not Shy, Monterey, 1996

Russell Levin - Nadia is Not Shy, Monterey, 1996

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Nadia is Not Shy, Monterey, 1996  5.5"x9.5" Archival Pigment Photograph

Signed under the photograph and again on the back with title. A few very tiny dings, hard to see, but there.

Paper size is 9.5" by 13", image size is 5.5" by 9.5" Sold unframed and unmatted.

The photograph will be mailed flat and well packed.

It's now proven that photographs made using the newer "HD" inks (that I use) along with the finer papers will last over 100 years, some are now saying 200-500 years!

*What is an Archival Pigment Print? Archival pigment printing denotes a printmaking process incorporating refined particles of pigment that are resilient to the environmental elements that commonly degrade and erode dye molecules shortening the life of a print. The use of pigmented inks for the purpose of archival printing is ideal as they can have a storage life up to, and beyond, 200 years; when stored in a museum-quality frame under ideal conditions and lighting. This allows for superb print life for photographers and artists to either store, or sell, their work; and they are able to promise that the buyer will never again have a complaint that the image has soured.