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Russell Levin - My Perspective II, 2009 # 15/15

Russell Levin - My Perspective II, 2009 # 15/15

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My Perspective II, 2009  # 15/15

8"x13" Silver Gelatin Photograph

Signed, Excellent Condition, edition number may be different if shown

Mounted/Matted to 16"x20" Museum Board

I'm not shy to say that many photographers have influenced my style which has changed over the years. Bernhard, Newton, Mapplethorpe, and Weston to name just a few....what a great time to have been exposed to such masters to help me a long over the years.

This photograph of model Adrina Lynn was made in a my studio that I use to shared with photographer Martha Casanave. Much of my work from 2001-2010 was done in the studio. My kids were young and with the weather being unpredictable, working indoors was the best at that time. This image is one of my favorite from that period. I've added "Perspective II" as part of the title in honor of Ruth Bernhard and her, "Perspective II".

On a side note one of Ruth Bernhard's "Perspective II" sold at auction for over $16,000.00. When Bernhard was 60 years old her photographs were selling for under $100.00. Wonder what mine will be selling for if and when I make it to 90 :)