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Ryuijie - Street Light, San Francisco, 1999
Ryuijie - Street Light, San Francisco, 1999

Ryuijie - Street Light, San Francisco, 1999

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Street Light, San Francisco, 1999

8"x10" Platinum Photograph 

Signed, Excellent Condition

Corner Mounted/Matted on 13"x16" Museum Board

As I look back over my 35+ years of collecting I don't think anyone is now more prolific on turning out great images month after month than Ryuijie. I first met Ryuijie in the late 1970's as I was working in a local Camera store. In 1981 I opened my own photographic supply store in Monterey. It was at that time I started collecting Ryuijie's photographs. 

With the history of such great photographers in our area like E. Weston, Adams, Baer, B. Weston, Bullock, Crouch, Weber, Gilpin, Sexton, Millea, Casanave, plus so many more, no one with the exception of Brett Weston (who had a 65 year career) has been more prolific than Ryuijie. For over thirty-five years he help raise two children, worked full-time in a local print shop and still has had time to turn out one spectacular photo after another, week after week.